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Things to Do Outside with Your Dog

May 20th 2021

The weather is finally warming up and it’s time to spend time outdoors with your pets. Getting outside has tons of benefits for our health and wellbeing, not to mention that it’s fun! If you’re getting sick of the same old walking route, check out our recommendations below on how to spend time outdoors with your pups. Don’t forget to bring water to stay hydrated!

Petyard Passage 6-Panel
Photo Credit: @aki.haru.corgi

1. Give Pets Their Own Spot to Play

Whether you have yard work to do or just want to give your pup their own designated safe space outdoors, check out a Petyard Passage! They can also be used as a designated potty-spot to keep your yard looking pristine. The small doggy door allows your pup to go in and out as they please, or you can lock it to keep your dog inside.


2. Dog Parks

Meet new friends and give your pup some time to roam freely in a dog park! Dog parks are great for city dwellers and pet owners that want to provide their dog with more socialization opportunities. Make sure the park is fenced in, well maintained, and that rules are followed. Check out Nylabone’s dog park finder to find a dog park near you. Here are some tips on dog park etiquette:

  • Always remember to clean up after your dog
  • Only bring your dog if they are healthy and up to date on their vaccinations and licenses. Do not bring a female dog in heat.
  • Make sure you can control your dog and that they don’t engage in inappropriate behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping, or aggressive play. You know your dog best, so ensure that you can control these behaviors.
  • Leave the park if you or your dog feel uncomfortable with the other dogs or people.

3. Hang Out on the Deck or Porch

If your home already has a yard or patio, it’s the perfect spot to get outdoors with your pup! You can do many of the same activities outdoors with your pet that you do indoors, such as playing tug of war or fetch. You can increase security on your patio or deck with an outdoor pet gate. Many dog owners use a pet gate to add a second layer of protection so they can have more control of their dog’s access to the yard. Alternatively, many dog owners use the gate to keep the dog in the yard while entertaining or to keep them away from the grill. Check out our outdoor gates, and make sure to hardware-mount your gate if you’re going to use it at the top of the stairs!

Paws Portable Petgate

4. Take a Hike

Get some exercise and some new scenery by checking out your local hikes and state parks! Make sure to check if dogs are allowed in the park, and keep your dog on the leash. For longer hikes, consider getting your dog a day pack so they can carry their own food and water. A smaller dog might get tired, so a pack to carry them in might be a good idea. Check out to find dog-friendly trails near you and tips for hiking with your pups.

5. Camping

Camping is a great summer activity that dogs can participate in, too! Your dog can do all the outdoor activities with you during the day, and they can hang out at the campsite with you at night. Be sure to bring all of the necessary food and supplies, and don’t leave your dog unattended. If you are tent camping, consider a Petyard so your dog can’t get into any danger while you are busy setting up camp or cooking over the fire. Also, be sure to double check with the campground’s rules about their pet policies.

Petyard Passage 8-Panel
Photo Credit: @mydomesticden

6. Go for a Bike Ride

A bike ride can be a great way for your pup to burn some energy while you get some low impact exercise as well. Ensure that your dog is comfortable running next to a bicycle and consider purchasing a hands-free bike leash to keep your pup safe. Also make sure not to push your dog too hard, especially in hot weather! Take lots of rests and water breaks to stay hydrated.

7. Go for a Swim

Hit the beach or the pool for a great low impact workout for your pup! Most dogs love the water and the summer is the perfect time to get in and cool off. Whether it be a lake, pool, or the sea, make sure to give your pup a bath afterwards and always keep a close eye on them while they’re in the water. If you’re taking your dog to the ocean, don’t let them drink saltwater and keep them away from rough waters. An occasional drink of chlorinated pool water is technically safe for your dog, but make sure your dog has a fresh water bowl nearby for when they get thirsty. Some dogs that aren’t strong swimmers might need a life jacket to make swimming at the beach or pool easier.

8. Play in Your Personal Pool

If you don’t have any bodies of water near you, get your own doggie pool! Dogs, kids, and adults can all have fun and splash around in a Pet Bath/Splash Pool. It’s a great way to cool off on those hot summer days. You can also give your dog a bath with ease, as the Pet Bath/Splash Pools come with a leash clip, mesh caddy, and drainage tap to make things easier.

48″ Large Pet Bath/Splash Pool

It's officially the best time of year to get outside with your dog! Don’t forget to always keep a close eye on your pets and make sure they stay hydrated and cool during the summer months.