Made in the USA

High Quality American-Made Products


At North States, we pride ourselves on U.S. manufacturing because it allows us to maintain the highest standard of quality control. Since 1953, our products have been built by skilled craftsmen and women who are dedicated to making the finest products in America.

Paws Portable Pet Gate with Made in USA imprint

We are devoted to uncompromising safety, quality, and operational standards. Over 70% of our gates, yards, and birdfeeders are made and shipped from the United States. Our plastic injection molding plant is in Siren, WI and our wood production plant is in Shawano, WI.

We understand today's consumers are looking for products that meet higher standards than ever before. We believe making our products here gives greater transparency and higher accountability, which is the cornerstone for choosing products to keep your family safe.

Superyard Colorplay panels in factory


At North States, our materials and labor are close to home, thus boosting the economy of the U.S. From higher health and safety regulations for our workers, to cleaner manufacturing practices, our American-made products guarantee a responsible purchasing choice for consumers. In addition, keeping the materials and packaging here has a positive impact on our environment since they do not have to travel as far.

North States warehouse

Manufacturing in the Midwest enhances overall innovation and gives us a competitive edge in the global marketplace. The strength of American manufacturing will continue to be vital for the economy and for future generations. North States is proud to carry on the U.S. manufacturing tradition.

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