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7 Creative Ways to Use a Play Mat After the Baby Stage

Jun 1st 2022

Play mats have numerous benefits for developing babies—they help with tummy time, crawling, and learning to walk. Our Toddleroo by North States play mats are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and BPA free, and their extra thick padding and extra-large size creates a great place for baby to learn and grow. They’re also great for on-the-go, and conveniently fold into a compact size to fit into the in …
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10 Kitchen Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Mar 2nd 2022

Kitchens can be hazardous for kids, but with these tips, you’ll be able to minimize the risks and turn your kitchen into an enjoyable and safe space to create memories with your family. For new parents, the kitchen can feel like a landmine. Especially when your little one starts to become more curious and wants to participate, it can be hard to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep …
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Benefits of Baby Play Yards

Jan 13th 2022

Parents have a lot of decisions to make when choosing what gear to buy for their baby. Kids require a lot of stuff! From diapers to cribs to toys, you want to make sure that all the things you purchase for your baby are durable, safe, and that your baby will enjoy them. Superyard Classic | Photo credit: Jenn Hallak Babies and toddlers are very curious, and once they’re able to start …
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How to Puppy Proof Your Home: 5 Pet Proofing Tips

Nov 11th 2021

Bringing home a newly adopted or rescued puppy but worried if your home is safe for them to move around without harming themselves? We bring to you a few tips on puppy-proofing your house to welcome your new furry family member. Bringing a new puppy into the home, while exciting, can also be chaotic and challenging. Dog owners can probably tell you that they sometimes don’t anticipate a …
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How to Prepare Your Pet to be Home Alone

Sep 15th 2021

Over the past year and a half, the pandemic has transformed both humans’ and pets’ lives alike. If anyone has been happy about stay-at-home orders and restrictions, it’s been pets! They have loved having us there with them during the day, and we’ve enjoyed the company of having our pets there for us, too. Adoption rates soared and many families added new, furry members. Pets have been our sup …
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