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Benefits of Baby Play Yards

Jan 13th 2022

Parents have a lot of decisions to make when choosing what gear to buy for their baby. Kids require a lot of stuff! From diapers to cribs to toys, you want to make sure that all the things you purchase for your baby are durable, safe, and that your baby will enjoy them.


Superyard Classic | Photo credit: Jenn Hallak

Babies and toddlers are very curious, and once they’re able to start exploring, you will need to consider how to provide a safe environment for them and how to keep them safe from hazards in your home. Parents also need to consider the best ways to help their little ones grow—tummy time and playtime are extremely important for development. They also want their purchases to be long-lasting, durable, and versatile. One product can accomplish all of these things: a play yard! Here are some of the benefits of getting a play yard for your baby or toddler:

1. Keep Baby Safe and Out of Trouble

The main benefit of a play yard is that they provide parents with a safe place to keep their kiddos away from hazards in the home. Instead of having to baby proof an entire area of your house, you can purchase a play yard that can easily be set up in seconds. Once set up, your little one will have a safe place to play, and you don’t have to worry about them getting into things around the house. Superyards are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association to be safe and secure, and they meet or exceed all federal safety standards.

2. Gives Parents Peace of Mind while Getting Things Done

Play yards are a great way give your little one their own space to play independently. This allows you to get things done around the house nearby, such as doing the dishes, folding laundry, or cooking dinner while your child plays in their own safe space. Even if you have multiple children, a play yard is big enough that both kiddos can have play time inside the play yard while parents do their own things nearby.

3. Promotes Motor Skills and Movement

Many other baby containment devices such as exersausers, jumpers, or other seated devices don’t allow for baby to move around and explore. In fact, many of them restrict baby’s movement and can put baby in poor positioning. A play yard is big enough that it allows your baby to have free roam and gives them room to explore and develop motor skills. In addition, it is very important that babies get supervised tummy time throughout the day so that they develop neck and back muscles that are necessary to crawl and walk. A play yard can be used to practice tummy time and give your little one the opportunity to explore their environment and work on crucial motor development skills.

4. Versatility

Play yards are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to work best for your family. The standard configuration is to use the Play Yard in a free-standing square, hexagon (for 6-panel yards), or octagon (for 8-panel yards). This setup can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and doesn’t require any additional hardware. A 2-panel extension can be purchased to increase the size of 6-panel yards, up to 34.4 square feet. But if you want to give your kiddos even more space, play yards can be used as a barrier hardware-mounted with a Wall Mount Kit to your walls or doorways to block an entire room or area in your home. This way you can rest assured your little one is safe while giving them lots of room to play and explore.


Superyard with Wall Mount

Play yards can also be used anywhere, on any surface. They come with skid-resistant pads that won’t slip or scratch on your hardwood floors, and of course can also be used on carpet, rugs, or Play Mats. Play yards can also be used outside on grass or sand, which is perfect for parents busy doing yard work or hanging out at the beach.

5. Lightweight and Portable

Our Superyards are designed to go with you—out to the backyard, in the car to grandma’s house, or even to the beach! Our plastic play yards come with a carrying strap, and 6-panel yards only weigh about 20 pounds, making them easy to take on the go. Play yards are also easy to set up, as the panels are pre-connected, so all you have to do is take them out of the box, unfold the panels, and connect the ends together. Anywhere you go, you can have a safe play area set up in no time!

6. Durability and Longevity

Play yards are recommended for children from 6-24 months of age. This means you can use them for a lot longer than other baby containment devices, such as exersaucers or activity gyms, which may only work for your baby for a few months. In addition, play yards are durable and can be used for many years—after your first child uses one, your second child can also enjoy the benefits of a play yard.


Superyard Classic | Photo credit: Jenn Hallak

There are endless benefits of purchasing a play yard for your little one—enhanced safety, peace of mind, versatility, improved baby development, and time to get things done around the house. Be sure to check out our Superyards! And don’t forget to look at our Play Mats, which are the perfect size to go underneath a play yard, and add a cushy space for your little one to play and grow.