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7 Creative Ways to Use a Play Mat After the Baby Stage

Jun 1st 2022

Play mats have numerous benefits for developing babies—they help with tummy time, crawling, and learning to walk. Our Toddleroo by North States play mats are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and BPA free, and their extra thick padding and extra-large size creates a great place for baby to learn and grow. They’re also great for on-the-go, and conveniently fold into a compact size to fit into the included traveling case. After your kids are no longer in the baby stage, you might be wondering, what should I do with my play mat once my little one is no longer learning to walk and crawl?

Our Mosaic Play Mat was designed with families in mind! Its contemporary pattern is perfect for all ages, and will last well beyond the baby stage. Read on to learn about different ways you can use your play mat, even when your baby or toddler turns into a big kid!

1. Fun Play Space

Even after your kids have mastered walking and running, they still need a place to play, learn, and grow! No matter which toys they like to play with, kids always love to play on the floor, and a play mat is a lot softer and more comfortable than hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. A play mat can even add cushion to carpeting if you have a rough player on your hands. The mat is extra- large and measures 71”by 71” which gives your little ones tons of room to spread out and play to their heart’s content.

2. Workout Mat

Adults can get plenty of use out of play mats, too! Play mats are perfect for at-home workouts and yoga classes. The extra-thick padding adds cushion when kneeling and reduces impact during high intensity workouts. The diamond-mesh pattern on our playmats also helps with grip during tough yoga poses. The Mosaic Play Mat allows for more space and movement than other fitness and yoga mats—it’s over three times the size of a traditional yoga mat! And if you get the mat sweaty after a tough workout, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.


Mosaic Play Mat

3. Under the Table

The Mosaic play mat is super easy to clean, making it perfect to go under a kids’ table or high chair. No matter what messes they get into, you know you’ll be able to clean it up easily when it’s all on a play mat! At dinner time, you can contain all of the spills and food your little one will inevitably throw on the floor. During craft time, don’t worry about messy glitter or glue getting on your nice floors. Check out our Pinterest board with tons of indoor activity ideas for little ones. You can also use it for outdoor activities like a water table or craft time outside!

Mosaic Play Mat

4. Imaginative Play

Children naturally have strong imaginations—let them run wild with a play mat! A play mat doesn’t just have to stay flat on the floor or folded up in its carrying case. Kiddos can use play mats for all sorts of things, such as building a fort, setting it up as a tent, or using it as a tunnel. Even when folded up, a play mat could be used as a soft chair or stool to play on. The possibilities are endless!

5. Picnic or Beach Mat

Play mats are perfect for outdoor activities! Plan the perfect picnic at the park—the play mat is big enough to fit the whole family (71”x71”), plus it’s super easy to transport. The Mosaic play mat folds up to be a compact size (18.1” x 23.6” 6.3”) to fit into the included travel case with a carrying strap. And we all know that beach days can be stressful with all the gear that you need—luckily, the mosaic play mat is perfect for the beach as well since it’s so light and easy to carry on your shoulder. You’ll love that the play mat is easy to clean and doesn’t attract as much sand or grass as picnic blankets or beach towels.

Mosaic Play Mat

6. Practice New Tricks

Once your kiddo starts having interests of your own, there’s no better place to practice their new moves than a play mat! Whether it’s summersaults, gymnastics, dance, or sports, the thick padding of the play mat will make it the perfect place to cushion their falls. You can even put a balance beam or gymnastics bar on top of the play mat to practice more advanced moves, but be careful of sharp objects as they could potentially puncture the mat.

7. Alternative Rug

If you are looking for a rug option that’s easy to clean, stylish, and affordable, consider a play mat! We designed the Mosaic play mat to match contemporary home décor, so adults can enjoy it just as much as the kiddos. Area rugs can be very expensive, so using a play mat is a much more cost-effective solution. Plus, play mats are a lot easier to clean than even the most washable rugs, and they have a lot more padding, too.


Mosaic Play Mat

There are so many uses for a play mat, even after your little one isn’t a baby anymore! There are so many purchases to make when you have a little one, and some parents might wonder if the investment in a play mat is worth it. You can have peace of mind that a play mat will last you years and years beyond the baby stage. Shop our play mats, including the new Mosaic Play Mat, below!