For Pet – Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Keep Your Pet’s Smile Sparkling

Like humans, regular dental care is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Poor dental care for our pets increases the risk of toxin absorption into the blood stream from infections and diseases, as well as bacteria, and can invade the body through the blood stream by gaining entrance into the oral lesions. In both dogs and cats, the leading causes of heart disease and kidney failure come from poor dental care. Joint problems are also a common side effect to bacterial invasion via an unhealthy oral cavity.

We, as owners, can follow some preventable care steps to make sure that our pet’s mouths are left sparkling clean.

The Banfield Vet Hospital recommends setting up a buddy system to keep up with your pet’s dental care too. Here are a few suggestions:

  • When you book your own dental appointments go ahead and book your pets as well.
  • After you brush your teeth, brush your dogs teeth and provide your dog with a treat like a GREENIE. You can use a toy that helps them brush their teeth, or use a tooth brush specifically made for dogs or cats.

No one else is checking your pet’s mouth for the early signs of dental issues so try to make this a regular task during the week. Early detection and treatment are critical when it comes to our pet’s dental care.

Click on our info graph below to learn more about pet dental care and preventative steps you can take to help make sure your furry family member’s health is top priority.

Pet Dental Infographic