For Pet – When Our Pets Become Seniors

With the healthy lifestyle movement on the rise and many people changing the way they eat, exercise, and even shop, there is no wonder that the same healthy lifestyle shift has now affected our pets as well. Healthier life styles give the promise of a longer and healthier life for us and it offers the same benefits for our pets.

According to Banfield State Pet Health Report,  a dog’s average lifespan has increased by 4% since 2002 Although lifespan can depend on the breed and genetics of your pet, the average lifespan for a dog is 10-13 years old where smaller dog breed’s life expectancy has increased to 12-14 years.

With our pets living longer, the number of senior pets is on the rise.  Just as we get older and have changes in our lifestyle due to age, mobility, and health the same goes for our pets. More and more senior pet products are showing up in the pet industry to help our dogs and cats make the transition into an older lifestyle. Car ramps are available so our pets don’t have to attempt to jump into the car, or full body harnesses are available for pulling up our canine and feline friends.

Canine Close-up

Here are a few ways you can use My Pet products to help with the shift from puppy to senior dog.

Pet Gates & Petyards

Senior pets may want their own space to help with any anxiety, to help relax, or to keep away from other younger dogs or humans that may not understand that they need the space or extra sleep. North States MyPet offers the perfect solution to help keep your senior pet comfortable. Our petyards can create an enclosed safe space where they can sleep, relax, eat, or play with their toys and still be away from other younger family or pet members. Our pet gates also offer the option of closing off a full room for your pet so they can escape to that destination when they feel overwhelmed or if they feel it’s just time to get away for a bit. Maybe your senior pet doesn’t have the best bladder control either. A small, secure area can help keep them contained and comfortable during bathroom breaks too.

Even senior cats can benefit from these same pet gates. At an older age they may not jump as much and a pet gate can also create a safe space and room for the cat to retreat into when needed. Some of our pet gates also have locking features on them so younger children cannot open the gate door and get into the room.

Other things to consider as your pet nears the age of 7 or older: supplements, bedding, diet, and any special accommodations to help with any health related issues.  Regular vet visits can help you track your pet’s health and any old age health issues that may arise.

Each pet and breed is different and we can only hope for our fur babies to live a long and healthy life. Making these needed changes as your pet grows older will help them to continue to live longer, healthier and happier. Using a MyPet product can help ease your mind knowing your pet has a safe space to retreat to when they feel the need.  Pet health and safety will always be our top priority at North States MyPet and our products will continue to grow with your pet and their needs.

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