Toddleroo by North States Supergate® Classic Pink

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Quick and easy right out of the box, the Toddleroo by North States® Supergate® Classic comes to the rescue! The sweet pink color of this gate is perfect for your sweet little angel. This versatile gate keeps your…

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Quick and easy right out of the box, the Toddleroo by North States® Supergate® Classic comes to the rescue! The sweet pink color of this gate is perfect for your sweet little angel. This versatile gate keeps your little explorer safe and secure at home or if you're visiting at Grandma's house. Designed to securely block doorways, stairways, and other spaces, the Supergate Classic can be used as a convenient pressure mount gate which requires no measuring or tools. Simply expand the gate in the opening and lock the handle. Well-suited to blocking doorways, the gate includes door sockets that provide extra holding power for pressure mounting in openings between 26 and 42 inches wide. This gate can also be used as a swing gate or a gate for the top of a stairway, all of the necessary hardware is included, simply following the instructions. Practical function and a sweet pink color together in one product, it doesn't get better than that! Every Toddleroo by North States baby gate is JPMA and ASTM certified. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Location: Between Rooms/Hallways, Top of Stairs, Various
  • Width: Adjusts to fit 26" - 42" wide
  • Mounting: Hardware Mount, Pressure Mount
  • Height: 26"
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Pink
  • Easy to use - expand gate in opening and engage pressure handle
  • Wall cups (door sockets) add extra security
  • Rounded edges will not pinch
  • JPMA and ASTM certified
  • Proudly made in the USA


Do I need to use the mounting cups that are included in the hardware package?
The mounting cups should be used to ensure the safety and security of the gate.

Can I get replacement parts for my gate?
Most components will be included in a prepackaged hardware set and may not be sold separately. Any Baby Gate Replacement Parts that are offered can be ordered directly on our website by using the search feature to search with the 4-digit model number (or name) of the product. All available replacement parts will show in the results. If you do not see the component that you are looking for, that means it is not something available for ordering or may be for a discontinued gate.

Can I use my pressure-mounted gate at the top of my stairs?
Unless it states specifically that it is intended to be used at the top of a stairway, we do not recommend the use of our pressure-mounted gates at the top of the stairs. Only hardware-mounted gates that are permanently installed into a wooden stud/surface are safe to use at the top of a stairway. With enough force, a pressure-mounted gate may become dislodged and no longer hold tension, leading to falls, injury, or damage. You can view all of our Top of Stairs Baby Gates on our website.

Why does my Supergate Classic/Ergo/Select no longer stay tight where it is mounted?
The gate will stop holding tension if the 2 panels are slid open too widely prior to locking the handle down. When the locking handle is rotated into the locked position, the panels will bump out to create the tension needed for a tight fit. If the gate has been set into the space a little too tightly, there is nowhere for that tension to go and it will result in the plastic handle/rear slide to crack or wear out. This can cause the gate to not hold pressure or could cause the handle or rear slide to completely break altogether. It is best to set the gate into the space with the rubber bumpers lightly brushing the surface and then rotate the handle down to the first notch.

If the rear slide or plastic has been worn, replacement pieces can be ordered directly on the North States website by searching with the model number of your gate.

How do I get the hardware out from between the panels of my Supergate Classic/Ergo/Select?
The best way to remove the hardware components that were packed between the panels is to lay the gate on a flat surface, such as the floor. Extend the top panel out as much as you can. You may need to use your fingers through the holes to move the hardware into a position that will allow you to extend the top panel. The plastic webbing is somewhat flexible permitting you to either lift on the top webbing or push down on the lower webbing to create somewhat of an “air pocket”, allowing the pieces to slide towards the frame of the gate. Once there, you can slide them out.

Do you make an adapter that will let me mount my hardware-mounted gate as a pressure-mounted gate so I do not have to drill holes in my wall?
We do not manufacture, or recommend using, an adapter to alter the way our hardware mounted gates install. All of our Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates must be attached directly to a solid surface such as a wooden stud. This will require drilling holes into the surface.

Can I use wall anchors to install my gate into drywall?
Our Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates should not be installed using anchors. Because drywall anchors have a maximum limit as to how much weight they can withstand, it cannot be guaranteed that the gate will not dislodge and pull from the wall when mounted with an anchor, which could lead to damage or injury. Hardware mounted gates require a solid surface, such as a wooden stud, to be properly installed.

Toddleroo by North States Supergate® Classic Pink

Was: $27.99
Now: $21.99