For Pet – Puppy Proofing Your House: A Checklist to Keep Your Home (and Your Pup) Safe

Dog sitting on rug

Bringing a dog or puppy into your home is similar to bringing a child into the family. You have to, in this case, dog-proof. Dogs are curious by nature and their nose can lead them into some precarious situations. It’s good to have boundaries in place while you are in the training stages. A good way to start is by getting on your hands and knees and crawling around your house looking for potential hazards to your puppy. Ready to begin puppy proofing your house? Use our checklist to get the process started.

Secure power cords

Puppies definitely like to chew on anything they can sink their teeth into, especially when they are losing their puppy teeth and getting their adult ones. Make sure your power cords are secured to the floor, have a protective case over them, or are out of reach from your puppy.

Secure garbage can

Most dogs will eat just about anything and garbage cans are incredibly intriguing to them. Place your garbage can in an enclosed location, like in the cabinet underneath the sink or in the pantry. You can also invest in a dog-proof garbage can where the lid has a locking mechanism so they cannot get into it. These can be found in most stores.

Put away anything that could be considered a “toy”

Let’s be honest, this can be just about anything. Start by putting away breakable items, stuffed animals, knick-knacks, kid games and toys. Make sure you have plenty of dog toys that are strictly for your pup. A training tip: If they do grab onto something that is not theirs, simply replace it with their toy and put what they grabbed away. Once your pet learns their boundaries and what toys they can play with, you can begin to bring the breakable items back out.

Store food and hazardous materials in proper locations

There are numerous food items that could be dangerous to your pup. Do a search to find out what they are and keep them in mind for when you are using them to cook. Make sure to always put food away so your curious pup won’t get it. Always put away medications and make sure that cleaning items are stored in cabinets or high up out of reach. If you do have pesticides, make sure those are out of reach as well or use non toxic substances instead.

Spray deterrents on furniture

If your puppy has interest in chewing your furniture, try using a deterrent to help train them to stop. If you catch them in the act, scold them and give them their toy to chew on instead. If you are worried about them chewing while you are away or in another room, spray a deterrent onto the furniture. You can find deterrents in any pet store, but there are also home remedies you can try, like apple cider vinegar.

Remember, if you want to keep your dog out of a room entirely, a pet gate is an excellent solution. North States offers a wide variety of pet-tested gates and barriers, so you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Keep these tips in mind and your pup and home will thank you for it. If you have any more questions about dog proofing your home, reach out to our team at North States today.