North States MyPet Safety Paws® Ruff & Tuff Cord Protector



Keep cords from being chewed on with the MyPet Safety Paws® Ruff & Tuff Cord Protector. It’s designed to safeguard your pets from chewing on insulated electrical cords, cables or wires. With 10’ of cord protection, you can even create multiple cord covers for pets (simply cut to size length) or a very long stretch of chew proof cord protector. This unique design is easy to use – just wrap around the desired cord. It fits around most house-hold cables up to 14-gauge. The clear durable PVC material is non-toxic and will prevent your pet from chewing through your phone charging cables, laptop power supply cords and more!

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  • RUFF & TUFF CORD PROTECTOR (1-pack): Helps prevent sharp teeth from chewing cords. Our customizable 10’ cord protector is made of non-toxic PVC.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT. Wraps around most household cables up to 14-gauge.
  • SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE:  Just measure length of cord protector needed and cut to size.
  • SAFETY & CONVENIENCE: Our new MyPet Safety Paws® line was thoughtfully designed to maximize safety, convenience, and functionality. Easy to install, and safety you and your furry friends can count on.


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