For Pet – On-The-Go With Your Pet

Dog smiling

We live busy lives. We multitask, both at work, and at home. We have multiple devices that we are constantly using throughout our day. We enjoy living in the fast lane most of the time. For those of us with pets, they tend to live the busy life too. They can travel with us. They can go to work with us. They can shop with us. They can eat with us. Our pets match our lifestyle. They live like we do.

Do you remember when a leash was just a leash? Or dog food was just dog food? Or our pet was…just our pet? Not anymore. A leash is a training item, an adventure rope, a fashion accessory. Dog food no longer just comes in a bag from the grocery store or pet store. It comes in raw or organic forms. It can be delivered to your door. A big debate currently going on about dog food, is what ingredients are in the food you feed your pet, is it safe, and should it be a holistic diet or not? We have multiple choices of where and what to eat. Why shouldn’t they have options too? As for our pet being just our pet? Our pet is our family. Our pet is our fur baby. Our pet is our best friend.

There is no doubt that our pet’s life style has changed with ours over the years. As on-the-go people we want our products to be efficient and able to withstand our daily, crazy, routines. We also want to make a statement with our products. The same goes for our pets. Instagram pic anyone? On-the-go products for our pet should be ready for any adventure or situation that occurs. A camping trip, a hike, a vacation, a short walk, a swim, or just hanging out in our own backyard, our pet products need to be able to accommodate the occasion.

A big pet trend we are seeing this year is the pet product on-the-go movement and social influencers supporting those products matching their lifestyles. We have a product at North States My Pet that fits into this category too.

Our Petyards fold up easily, transport easily, and set up easily, to create an instant safe space for any indoor or outdoor experience with your pet. There are light up leashes (here) that are for walks before there is any daylight out. When the sun is up you switch to another leash with a print on it or your favorite sports team’s logo. You go for a long hike and use a different leash all the same. On-the-go car products, like travel food bowls and crates are already packed in your car just in case you are heading out for a spontaneous adventure somewhere other than home. North States My Pet didn’t miss out on this trend either. We are releasing a new pet vehicle safety barrier in the next few months just for these on-the-go moments making them safe and secure for your pet to tag along with you. And if you’re really the spontaneous type you can even buy a “Homeaway Pet Travel Kit” (on ) and have it prepacked and ready to simply grab and go.

Does any of this sound familiar? Of course it does! We as pet owners live a life different from 10 years ago and we want our pets in our lives with us, not on the outskirts, sitting at home waiting for us to get back from some exciting trip. These products are the hype this year for a reason and they will continue to improve. We will see more and more products reflecting a pet’s life as “Insta worthy” and as serious as our own, and they should be. These furry loves of ours fill our hearts and put smiles on our faces that no product could ever do. At North States My Pet we’ve lived by our motto of “For people. For pets. For a better way of living” for over 65 years! We get it. Our way of living is our pet’s way of living.