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The Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Petgate incorporates an extra-wide barrier with a touch of style for those extra-wide openings in your home. The decorative matte bronze finish will complement any home décor, while its…

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The Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Petgate incorporates an extra-wide barrier with a touch of style for those extra-wide openings in your home. The decorative matte bronze finish will complement any home décor, while its heavy-duty metal construction is built to last! Hardware mount this gate on straight or angled walls - the pivot points on the panels allow you to position the gate with ease. The one-hand operation and stay-open feature is sure to assist any pet and their owner. For additional security, this gate offers one swinging 25.5 inch walk-through panel built with a childproof double-locking system. To keep the gate open, simply use the hold-open feature for multiple pass-through. When the gate is not in use, simply swing it out of the way or remove entirely. Ideal for a variety of room openings, the gate measures 38.3 to 72 inches wide and is 30 inches high.  The Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Petgate has an additional 15 inch extension (sold separately) that will expand the gate up to 162 inches wide. The 15 inch extension is available under product number 4938. Safety and containment all wrapped up in one gate - how simple.

  • Location: Between Rooms/Hallways, Extra-Wide Openings/Barrier, Various
  • Width: Adjusts to fit 38.3" - 72" wide
  • Mounting: Hardware Mount
  • Height: 30"
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Matte Bronze
  • Entire barrier swings open on both sides with childproof safety latch on both ends
  • Arched gate is an extra-wide 25.5 inches
  • Steel construction in a decorative matte bronze finish will complement any home décor
  • Childproof latch offers easy one-hand operation
  • Pivot points on gate panels allow for mounting on angled walls


Can I add an extension to my Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Gate?
Yes. An optional 6-Bar Extension is available (sold separately). This extension adds 15″ to the width of the gate. A maximum of six extensions can be used.

What is the width of the gate door?
The width of the gate door is 25.5 inches.

What is the space between the bars of my gate?
The space between the bars of your Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Gate is 2 ¼ inches.

How do I make my Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Pet Gate fit an opening smaller than 72 inches wide?
The gate is designed to fit openings 38.3 inches up to 72 inches wide. If your opening is smaller than 72 inches wide you will need to angle the side panels to accommodate the smaller opening. The side panels can be rotated by loosening the pivot points on the vertical bars which enables you to move them freely until the desired angle is reached.

Why is the latch on my Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Pet Gate no longer latching?
For the latch to work properly, the gate needs to be installed flat on the ground. If it is flat on the ground and still not latching, perhaps the door panel has become unaligned. Please follow the instructions in the troubleshooting portion on page 7 of the manual to realign the door to ensure that it closes properly. Replacement instruction manuals can be found on our Instruction Manuals page.

Do you make an adapter that will let me mount my hardware-mounted gate as a pressure-mounted gate so I do not have to drill holes in my wall?
We do not manufacture, or recommend using, an adapter to alter the way our hardware mounted gates install. All of our Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates must be attached directly to a solid surface such as a wooden stud. This will require drilling holes into the surface.

Can I use wall anchors to install my gate into drywall?
Our Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates should not be installed using anchors. Because drywall anchors have a maximum limit as to how much weight they can withstand, it cannot be guaranteed that the gate will not dislodge and pull from the wall when mounted with an anchor, which could lead to damage or injury. Hardware mounted gates require a solid surface, such as a wooden stud, to be properly installed.

Can I add an extension to my hardware-mounted metal gate?
Not all of our gates have the option to increase its width with extensions. If your gate has additional extensions available, they will be found in our Baby Gate Extensions section of our website. Because extensions are not universal but are exclusive to the gate, the easiest way to find them is to search with the 4-digit model number of the gate. If the gate has additional extensions available for purchase, they will show in the results. Otherwise, the product page of your specific gate will also offer any available extensions that can be purchased separately.

What is the width of the swinging door on my metal gate?
The width of the swinging door will vary among models.

  • The swinging door on Model 4928/4934/4944/4954 is 25.5 inches.
  • The swinging door on Model 4929/4930/4936 is 16 inches.
  • The swinging door on Model 4957 is 16.5 inches.

What is the distance between the bars of my hardware-mounted pet gate?
The distance between the bars will vary among models.

  • The distance between the bars on model 4641/4649 is 2.75”.
  • The distance between the bars on Model 4955 is 2.75”.
  • The distance between the bars on Model 4944 is 2.25”.
  • The distance between the bars on Model 5493 is 2.5”.

5 Reviews

  • The gate itself is of...

    Posted by Maso on Mar 2nd 2023

    The gate itself is of high quality and looks good too. Unfortunately, a part broke and there are no replacement parts. I contacted the company and within a couple of hours I received a courteous reply telling me how to submit documentation for a warranty replacement. The process was easy and my new gate is on the way to me already. I think it is important to acknowledge such prompt and effective service. This is a good company!

  • I absolutely LOVE this gate....

    Posted by Shirley Perreault on Apr 5th 2021

    I absolutely LOVE this gate. I have it mounted between 2 rooms and purchased an extension and additional wall mounts so that we can swing 1 side over and block stairs when needed. I just purchased 2 additions extensions that allow me an additional configuration still. This gate looks classy in my house, does not destroy the walls, is very secure yet easy to unlock and open for adults and is simple to change from one configuration to another as needed. I would easily give 10 stars for this product, I only wish I had discovered this years earlier. I would like to find a better way to mount the top mount to my wrought iron banister - the wall mounts do not extend far enough for my particular need at that mounting point. Other than that, I have been nothing but thrilled with this purchase.

  • Barney needed to have a...

    Posted by David Laker on Aug 22nd 2019

    Barney needed to have a place of his own or in other words, confinement. We called it 'Curgatory". We searched for a gate that would fit in a wide, vestibule area and only the Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Petgate fit the bill. I particularly appreciate the thought and engineering that went into the design and functionality of this gate. Four years later, it is time to remove the gate and again, the paper pattern on the wall reminded me of the forethought that went into the design. I'd forgotten how to fold the gate and so went to this web site and there were the instructions. The gate is still like new and looking for a new home. Again, it is a pleasure to work with a product that is well designed and fit for use.

  • I just bought this item...

    Posted by Xeno on Jun 20th 2019

    I just bought this item from It isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for. Buy quality once, or inferior products multiple times. As a grandfather of an active 9mo, I am happy to see it is certified by ATSM F1004 Safety Standards for use in children up to 24mo. I bought this to provide a safe barrier for my Granddaughter's play area, however wanted something that looked nice for when company shows up. This product has satisfied both criteria. The multiple adjustments aren't as intuitive as I would have hoped, but none-the-less easy and quick to set up. Straightforward mounting brackets ensure you can get this up and working within 30min. I look forward to this product, and the peace of mind it gives me.

  • I bought this gate to...

    Posted by Clbrye on Jan 13th 2018

    I bought this gate to keep my dogs out of the living room. It works great and gives the room an added appeal.

North States MyPet Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Petgate