For Pet — Tips to Keeping Your Favorite Feline Healthy

Gray cat

Cats can be great pets for almost anyone. They are mostly low maintenance and very independent. With September being Healthy Cat Month we wanted to share a few tips to keep your feline friend healthy and safe.


It’s important to select a good brand and type of food for your cat. If they are strictly an indoor cat there are better options for them. If they are an indoor and outdoor cat there are other types that will be better. It’s also important to figure out the proper portion of food. Some people do half in the morning and half in the evening, others do a full portion once a day. If your cat eats all the food at once, it’s probably better to feed them half a portion at a time.

If you have another pet in the house, like a dog, sometimes it’s better to separate the two food bowls in case the dog is interested in taste testing the cat food. North States Tall Petgate Passage allows you to create a safe place for either pet to eat their food in peace and even has a small pet door that a cat or small dog can use to enter. This door has a locking feature so the small passage door can be locked and pets cannot enter into the area either.

Want to introduce some fresh greens into your cat’s diet? You can find grass patches at you local pet store that you can leave out for your cat during while they are eating their meals too. Also, make sure to regularly fill the water bowl. A good habit to get into is refilling that at the same time you feed your cat.


Let’s face it; most cats are kind of lazy. On average cats sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours a day. That’s a staggering number when you really think about it. When they aren’t sleeping, take a few minutes to grab their favorite toys and play with them. Whether it is a ball on a string, laser pointer, or a good old fashioned catnip mouse, a few minutes of play time every day will go a long ways to keeping your cat healthy.


Cats are very clean animals. They normally groom themselves several times a day. However, it’s still a good idea to give them a bath once every few months, especially if they are an indoor and outdoor cat. Keeping their litter box and eating area clean is also a good idea. Some cats can get finicky when their litter isn’t cleaned regularly and can have accidents around it. Some cats won’t eat if they don’t like the smell or area the food is in either. Cleanliness is a key component in order to help make sure your cat is happy in their surroundings.

A healthier cat means less vet visits and bills too. Did you know that there are medical insurance plans for your pet too? Many plans are affordable and offer coverage for illness, surgeries, diagnostic treatment, emergency care, specialty care, and more. Just like our own medical insurance plans you can shop online, research quotes and customize plans for your pet. Pet insurance can offer peace of mind for those scary health issues or emergencies. We love our furry family members and want to make sure they are looking good and ‘feline’ good.