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How to Introduce Pets to Your New Baby: 10 Tips & Tricks

Jun 24th 2020

Before you bring your new bundle of joy home to meet the pets, it’s important to prepare your furry family members for the change. Here are 10 steps to take in order to plan ahead. Families grow and change over time – and babies are often part of this exciting adventure! Maybe you’re expecting, or maybe you’re planning to add to the family in the near future. If your pets are used to bein …
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Kids and Quarantine: 6 Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained When Staying Home

May 14th 2020

Check out these 6 easy tips and tricks for caring for babies and kids at home. As we’re spending more time at home, it’s understandably harder for some of us to balance work, online learning, and spending time with our family. For babies and toddlers, home is where they start learning to recognize people and objects, understanding cause and effect, and speaking. Infants and toddlers need lots o …
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Why Social Distancing With Our Pets Keeps Us Healthier

Apr 4th 2020

As we’re all spending more time at home, it’s important to keep yourself not only physically healthy, but mentally and emotionally healthy as well. Pets and companion animals have the amazing ability to keep everyone feeling good, not just those with a physical or mental disability.According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, 67 percent of h …
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Tummy Time: Why It’s Important for Baby

Mar 5th 2020

Tummy time is essentially a workout for your baby. It’s crucial to their development and helps your little one to establish the motor skills that eventually lead to crawling. Here’s what tummy time is, how to do it, and tips to encourage it if your baby would rather be face-up. What is Tummy Time? Tummy time is just as it sounds: the time your baby spends lying on their tummy. It’s important f …
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5 Childproofing Tips for Your Mobile Baby

Jan 29th 2020

Whether you’re expecting your first child, your baby is rolling over, or they’re starting to crawl, here are a few tips for providing a safe environment for your baby. Childproofing the home is an important part of safely raising a child. But remember, childproofing is not one-size-fits-all. When your baby reaches different levels of mobility—crawling, toddling, walking—you will have to ramp up …
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