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How to Create the Perfect Playroom for your Toddler

Nov 24th 2020

Playrooms can be an amazing way to give your toddlers their own space. Plus, they can help prevent your entire home from turning into a toy tornado! Whether your home has tons of extra room or you live in a small apartment, we have tips on how to maximize a playroom for functionality, organization, and space. Read on to optimize your home for an amazing play room. 3-In-1 Arched Décor Metal Sup …
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New Puppy Checklist: 10 Must-Have Items

Oct 20th 2020

So you’ve decided to add a new member to your family—a puppy! This exciting decision also comes with a lot of other decisions to make: what do they need? Providing a comfortable and safe environment for your pup to thrive is overwhelming—head to any pet store or browse online for pet things and you will quickly see how many options there are. Before you bring your new puppy home, check out our …
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Nursery Checklist: 10 Safety Tips for Parents

Sep 17th 2020

In honor of Baby Safety Month, follow these tips to ensure your baby’s nursery is comfortable, safe, and free from hazards. As new and expecting parents, our top priority is always the safety of our little ones. Preparing a nursery for your baby can seem like a daunting task, especially since newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping! These tips will help you set up a nursery that …
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Baby Gates for Stairs: 5 Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries

Aug 25th 2020

Learn why a high-quality baby gate will give parents peace-of-mind when children are near stairways. Easy Swing & Lock Gate Series 2Photo credit: Christina Miller Once your baby starts to crawl and move about the house, keeping your baby safe while they explore is a top priority as a parent. One of the most challenging locations in the home can be a stairway. While stairs may look fu …
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Tips for Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer

Jul 23rd 2020

As temperatures rise throughout the summer, it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves as well as our furry friends. The summer months can be difficult for your pets with the unpredictability of rising temperatures. Our furry friends feel the heat differently than we do—they don’t have sweat glands and have thick fur. Instead, they thermoregulate by panting to get the air moving …
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