For Baby – Top 3 Benefits of a Baby Play Mat for Crawling & Tummy Time

Play mats are one of the best first baby toys because they provide a safe, clean surface for babies at home or on-the-go and provide entertainment that promotes development.

Our decorative mat print features colorful letters and animals for age-appropriate learning and laughter, and the baby play mat foam itself is hypoallergenic, BPA-free, water-resistant and easy to clean. This is a safe and versatile toy, perfect for when your baby is lying down, creeping, crawling, rolling, tumbling or playing.

Learn the top 3 benefits of using a baby play mat for crawling or tummy time!

The baby activity mat age range for tummy time is right around 3 months. This is about the time a baby starts to develop stronger neck muscles to support their head and chest while lying on their stomach.

3 Benefits of Baby Play Mats for Tummy Time Are:

  • Aiding and improving their vision as they look for sharper colors.
  • Providing a cushioned surface while they develop trunk stability and control in their back and legs (rolling over is not too far away!).
  • Refining their neck strength as they turn their head to look around.

Babies generally start to crawl at around 6-10 months, and from there they’re off to the races! Baby play mats can be used far into the crawling phase and beyond because they offer a clean, cushioned surface for new crawlers, walkers and roamers.

3 Benefits of Baby Play Mats for Crawling Are:

  • Testing and improving depth perception as they crawl towards different animals or letters on the mat.
  • Protecting babies from unsafe substances or materials on indoor or outdoor surfaces.
  • Providing a more forgiving surface as babies begin to lift themselves up and move around their play space.

Our extra large padded play mats give new crawlers plenty of room to roam. They also fit perfectly inside a play yard to keep your curious baby safely within eyesight and out of harm’s way while your focus is elsewhere for a minute.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Baby play mats can last through siblings one, two, three … and maybe their cousins. Give new parents a gift they can watch their children learn and grow on for many years to come with a baby play mat!

And if you want to help them baby proof their home for a rambunctious roamer, browse our baby gate products to find an array of options for any home.