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Take a breather! The Toddleroo by North States® Stairway Swing Gate allows you to sit back and relax knowing that your child is safe and secure. The sturdy wood construction of this gate stylishly blends into any home decor. The features of this gate include a safety latch with easy one-hand operation and all of the steel hardware needed for installation. This swing gate mounts easily in a variety of room openings or at the top of stairs measuring 28 to 42 inches wide and is 30 inches high. When not in use, simply remove the gate from the hinge and tuck out of the way. You’ll love how it doesn’t get in the way while visitors are over.
Proudly made in the USA.

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  • Location: Between Rooms/Hallways, Top of Stairs, Various
  • Width: Adjusts to fit 28″ – 42″ wide
  • Mounting: Hardware Mount
  • Height: 30″
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Natural Finish
  • Hardware mounts, removes easily when not in use
  • Safety latch offers easy one-hand operation
  • Removes easily from hardware mount when not in use
  • Swings in, out or both ways with swing-control hinge
  • Proudly made in the USA


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3 Reviews

  1. Natasha Nagaria

    Excellent product. Has 2 locks and works well. Used it for 1.5 years with no issues

  2. KickStart

    I bought this a couple months ago for the doorway of my front bathroom. Initially I didn’t receive the installation hardware in the box. When I call the distributor, they were surprised, but gave me no grief, and before you know it, I had a hardware package in the mail from Northstates Industries. I installed it about 9″ above the sill so my Chihuahua could pass in and out to get to her food and water, but my Pit Bull could not. I didn’t need to put the latching component in for my purpose, so anyone can pass through effortlessly. It worked perfect. For whatever reason, I received another hardware package from Northstates Industries (probably a shipping glitch). I mounted the second set of brackets so the gate sits right near the floor, this time with the latching mechanism functional. I did this because we occasionally watch our daughter’s Chihuahua, so we put both of them together in the bathroom. This keeps them secure overnight but still feeling like they’re not away from us. I’m looking to buy yet another set of brackets, if not another gate, to use in the hall at the front room to keep animals and grandchildren at bay. The cost of shipping brackets alone is prohibitive, so it’s almost cheaper to buy the gate. The gate perfectly matches our house, is lightweight, and made in the USA. I couldn’t be happier having found it after looking for a solution for our dilemma.

  3. kld1959

    I am very disappointed with this gate. The craftsmanship is extremely shoddy. The gate is made of very thin, cheap wood which is stapled together and can come apart easily; after three days one of the stiles broke in half! I would not trust this gate to hold back a small child. The latch design is poor, making the gate hard to open and close and lock with any certainty. Buying this gate was a total waste of money. One of the reasons I made this purchase was because the box said this gate was made in America, but judging from the quality of the workmanship I would think it was made in China. I gave this gate one star because there was no option to choose zero stars. Do not buy this gate!

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