Toddleroo by North States Door Knob Covers



When your curious child learns the thrilling fun of opening doors, be ready to keep them safe where they belong with the Toddleroo by North States® Door Knob Covers. Your child will think they can escape to freedom, but they will not be able to access the door knob and reach off-limit areas. Adults in the know are able to use the soft finger pads for better gripping and gain the access they need to rooms around the house. These Door Knob Covers are easy to assemble in just minutes with no tools needed, and they fit most doors for a quick solution to your tot’s curiosity. For quick clean up from any sticky or dirty hands, simply remove and wash up with mild soap and water. Available in a set of two letting you safeguard two doors in your home. Life doesn’t slow down when you have a child, and these Door Knob Covers transform your home in a snap!

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  • Soft finger pads for better gripping
  • Easy to assemble. Fits most doors
  • Clean with mild soap and water
  • No tools needed
  • Set of 2 covers


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