North States MyPet Petyard Passage® Barrier/Pen With Wall Mount Kit

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The Petyard Passage® Barrier/Pen with Wall Mount Kit by North States® is a safe, dual-purpose containment system which features an exclusive swinging door for pets and can act as an extra-wide barrier with the us…

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The Petyard Passage® Barrier/Pen with Wall Mount Kit by North States® is a safe, dual-purpose containment system which features an exclusive swinging door for pets and can act as an extra-wide barrier with the use of the included wall mount kit. The 9.5″ x 8″ door swings freely allowing your pet the freedom to come and go as they please and also locks for containment offering you peace of mind. Perfect for households with puppies or multiple pets and the ideal solution for homes with open floor plans or large spaces that need blocking off. Fits openings from 38 ½ inches to over 16 feet wide. Configure to Your Space: When used as a barrier, the hardware should be mounted into solid materials such as wood, metal or a stud behind sheet rock. To accommodate different sized openings, add or remove panels up to six for all stages and phases of your pet's life. The hinges on the Petyard allow you to move the panels independently for the perfect fit. Stretch the panels straight across or at an angle, the choice is yours. The wall mounts secure the panels from wall to wall and fit over crown molding with ease. Skid-resistant pads prevent scratching & slipping and help to keep the barrier stable when on hard surfaces. Not for use at the top of stairs. Free-Standing: Position as a hexagon and your extra-wide barrier instantly becomes a free-standing petyard, creating a safe space for use indoors or outdoors. In this shape, it encloses up to 18.5 square feet – that’s 5 ½ feet corner to corner. Weather resistant and portable, the Petyard Passage can be used just about anywhere. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Location: Extra-Wide Openings/Barrier, Free-Standing Enclosure
  • Width: As a barrier, measures over 16 feet wide. When used as a play yard, encloses 18.5 square feet, or over 5 feet corner to corner
  • Mounting: Free-Standing or Hardware Mount
  • Height: 26"
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Light Gray
  • Versatile: Use it to keep pets safe in their own area indoors or outdoors
  • Portable: Lightweight plastic panels are easy to set up and fold up quickly for transport or storage. No tools required
  • New small pet door swings freely or locks for containment
  • Non-slip pads work on any surface and will not scratch hardwood floors
  • Assembly Tip: As you unfold each panel, you will hear a clicking sound which is the self-locking positioning feature. This intended feature gives the play yard added strength and stability.
  • Proudly made in the USA


Can I connect two Petyards together?  What is the maximum number of panels that can be used with the Petyard?
It is not recommended to use more than 8 panels at one time. When more than 8 are used, the stability of the product will be compromised and it could collapse. Additionally, we only recommend using the 8-panel yard in the shape of a square or octagon. If you are using 6 panels, it is recommended to be set up only as a hexagon. The angles at each joint will provide stability to the enclosure.

Can I buy the panel with a pet door to add to my Petyard?
The pet door panel is available with our Petyard Passage models, as well as part of the Two-Panel Gray Small Door Extension.  Our Petyard Plus play yard contains a large door panel for larger dogs and humans to utilize. Additionally, the 2-Panel Door Extension from our baby section is also compatible with our plastic Petyards, offering the large door option. The large door panel extension is offered in three different models:

The door panel extension is only available in the above colors and can be used with our 4-panel and 6-panel plastic play yards. It should not be used with our 8-panel play yards as 8 is the maximum number of panels that can be used at once.

My plastic Petyard does not fold easily. How do I fold the plastic Petyard?
The Petyard is manufactured to be tight to give the yard added strength and stability. If the joints were not stiff, it could easily collapse when pressure is put on it, posing a safety hazard. Please note that the yard folds like an accordion. The panels can only be folded in one direction at the joint and if there is force put on it as it is being folded the wrong way, there is a risk of the plastic cracking. View our plastic play yard instructional video here.

Can I stretch the Petyard out into one long gate? Do you have something to attach it to an opening?
The six-panel classic Petyard can act as an extra-wide barrier with the use of a Petyard Wall Mount Kit. It’s the perfect solution for homes with open floor plans or large spaces that need blocking off. It will fit openings from 38 1/2 inches to over 16 feet wide. It is not recommended to use the wall mounts with more than 6 panels or with any panels that contain the U-shaped door panel.

What are the measurements of my Petyard?

  • Each panel is 26 inches high and 32 inches wide.
  • If your pet yard contains the small door panel, the swinging door is 9.5 x 8 inches.
  • If your petyard contains the large door panel, the width of the swinging door is 23 inches wide.
  • The space between panels is approximately 2 ¼ inches wide.
  • Each diamond hole is approximately 1 ½ inches high and 1 ¼ inches across.
  • The 4-panel square enclosure is 6.89 square feet and 2½ feet across (side to side).
  • The 6-panel hexagon enclosure is 18.5 square feet and 5½ feet across (corner to corner).
  • 18-panel octagon enclosure is 34.4 square feet and 6½ to 7 feet across (corner to corner)

Do you sell replacement panels for the Petyard?
Regular replacement panels can be ordered by using the search feature located at the top of any page and searching with the 4-digit model number or name of the product.  All individual panels will be displayed allowing you to add to your cart accordingly. Alternately, you can search through all Pet Yard replacement parts here.

Can I special order a Petyard from you?
Special orders cannot be taken for our products.

Do you make an adapter that will let me mount my hardware-mounted gate as a pressure-mounted gate so I do not have to drill holes in my wall?
We do not manufacture, or recommend using, an adapter to alter the way our hardware mounted gates install. All of our Hardware-Mounted Pet Gates must be attached directly to a solid surface such as a wooden stud. This will require drilling holes into the surface.

Can I use wall anchors to install my gate into drywall?
Our Hardware-Mounted Pet Gates should not be installed using anchors. Because drywall anchors have a maximum limit as to how much weight they can withstand, it cannot be guaranteed that the gate will not dislodge and pull from the wall when mounted with an anchor, which could lead to damage or injury. Hardware mounted gates require a solid surface, such as a wooden stud, to be properly installed.

Can I add an extension to my hardware-mounted metal gate?
Not all of our gates have extensions available to increase the size. If your gate has additional extensions available, they will be found in our Pet Gate Extensions section of our website. Because extensions are not universal but are exclusive to the gate, the easiest way to find them is to search with the 4-digit model number of the gate. If the gate has additional extensions available for purchase, they will show in the results. Otherwise, the product page of your specific gate will also offer any available extensions that can be purchased separately.

What is the distance between the bars of my hardware-mounted pet gate?
The distance between the bars will vary among models.

  • The distance between the bars on model 4641/4649 is 2.75”.
  • The distance between the bars on Model 4955 is 2.75”.
  • The distance between the bars on Model 4944 is 2.25”.
  • The distance between the bars on Model 5493 is 2.5”.

The wall mounts are missing upon opening the packaging.
The wall mount kit is packaged under a cardboard pocket and is easily overlooked when checking the inside of the box if it was only opened at one end. If you open the other end of the packaging, you will find the wall mounts nestled within a pocket.

Can I add a walk-through door panel to the Petyard Passage Barrier/Pen or the Extra Wide Gate with Small Pet Door?
As listed in the warning section of the instruction manual, it is not recommended to use a door panel with either model. The wall mounts that are included in the packaging are only recommended to be used with 6 or less classic panels. Using a door panel (or more than 6 classic panels) will cause the barrier to be less stable and it may collapse leading to damage or injury.

The wall hinges on each side of the mounted barrier contain a locking boss which allows the attached end panel to easily be disconnected, allowing you to enter or exit through the barrier.

Can I buy a second set of wall hinges to mount the Petyard in more than one place?
While the individual components for mounting the panels are not sold separately, the Superyard Wall Mount Kit contains the wall hinges, mounting connectors, and screws. It can be purchased on our website in the Play Yard Accessories section.

North States MyPet Petyard Passage® Barrier/Pen With Wall Mount Kit