We offer quality bird feeders, houses, and accessories to attract your feathered friends and keep them safe & healthy

black-capped chickadee bird sitting on a branch
  • Feeder Filler Scoop Feeder Filler Scoop filling options: use as a funnel for small openings or use as a scoop for large openings

    North States Feeder Filler Scoop


    The Feeder Filler Scoop is perfect for filling a variety of feeders - it works as a scoop and/or a funnel. Use the hand-held scoop for filling large feeders and the funnel for smaller feeders. Able to hold approximately 4 cups of seed, the feeder fil…

  • A-Frame Hanging House A-Frame Hanging House

    North States A-Frame Hanging House


    The A-Frame Hanging House is a traditional style birdhouse which hangs easily from a tree or hook. This birdhouse features solid wood construction and a tiered roof. Measuring 6 x 8 x 5.75 inches high, this birdhouse is built to last. Style: House..…

  • Wren House Wren House

    North States Wren House


    The Wren House is a perfect size to attract wrens to your backyard. Measuring 6.25 x 7.75 x 6.75 inches high, the durable wood construction and tiered roof is built to last. Hanging this birdhouse is a breeze with the two screw eyes included. A remov…

  • Green Roof Bird Post House

    North States Green Roof Bird Post House


    The Green Roof Bird Post House is a traditional style birdhouse meticulously crafted from solid wood. The pre-drilled hole located on the back of the birdhouse makes mounting to post or tree easy. To clean the inside of the house, simply turn a screw…

  • Large Red Barn Birdfeeder Large Red Barn Birdfeeder Mounting

    North States Village Collection Large Red Barn Birdfeeder


    The Large Red Barn birdfeeder is part of an extensive Village Collection of feeders. This feeder is reminiscent of a country red barn with white accents and a green roof. Measuring 10.25 x 14.5 x 13.25 inches high, this feeder has the capacity to hol…

  • Fun Feeder With Seed

    North States Fun Feeder With Seed


    The Fun Feeder with Seed adds a pop of color to the outdoors. This feeder is made of clear, weather-resistant P.V.C. and has a yellow vinyl cap on the top and bottom. Measuring 14.5 inches high, this feeder comes complete with 8 oz. of thistle seed..…

  • 36-In Super Hook 36″ Super Hook

    North States 36" Super Hook


    The 36 inch Super Hook is a strong steel cable perfect for hanging birdfeeders, birdhouses and plants. Measuring 36 inches in length, this cable can hold up to 20 lbs.  The cable itself includes a loop on either end and an S-hook for hanging. Simply …

  • Bat House Bat House

    North States Bat House


    Provide a safe, eco-friendly place for bats to roost with the Bat House by North States. This house measures 4.25 x 8.75 x 12.5 inches high and is constructed of quality wood which is naturally rot resistant. The air vents on the sides and front of t…

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    Latch/Lock - Petyard Passage™
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    Latch/Lock - Petyard Passage®


    Latch/Lock - Petyard Passage® 4-Panel, 6-Panel and 8-Panel Model #8807 #8657 #8657R #8799, Petyard Passage Barrier w/ Wall Mount #8661, Extra Wide Gate with Small Pet Door #8805

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