Superyard® Play Yard / Barrier with Wall Mount Kit


Create a safe place for your child to play with the versatility of a Superyard. America's favorite play yard can now act as an extra-wide barrier with the use of the included wall mount kit. It’s the perfect solution for homes with open floor plans or large spaces that need blocking off. Fits openings from 38 ½ inches to over 16 feet wide. Configure to Your Space: When used as a barrier, the hardware should be mounted into solid materials such as wood, metal or a stud behind sheet rock. To accommodate different sized openings, add or remove panels up to six. The hinges on the Superyard allow you to move the panels independently for the perfect fit. Stretch the panels straight across or at an angle, the choice is yours. The wall mounts secure the panels from wall to wall and fit over crown molding with ease. No need to worry about scratching or slipping, each Superyard comes with skid-resistant pads. These pads help to keep the barrier stable when on hard surfaces. Mounting Made Easy: It's all included in the box - a 6 panel Superyard, wall mount kit with wall hinges, screws and mounting connectors. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided for easy installation. Note: It is not recommended to use the wall mount kit with Superyard Ultimate models: 8770, 8779, 8776, 8750 or 8 panel versions of the Superyard. Not for use at the top of stairs. Free-Standing Yard: Position as a hexagon and your extra-wide barrier instantly becomes a free-standing play yard, creating a safe play space for use indoors or outdoors. In this shape, it encloses up to 18.5 square feet ~ that’s 5 ½ feet corner to corner. Safe for your child, peace of mind for you. For use with children 6 to 24 months of age. Proudly made in the USA.


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Location: Extra-Wide Openings/Barrier, Free-Standing Enclosure
Width: 65 inches & above
Mounting: Free-Standing
Height: 26 inches
Material: Plastic
Color: Gray

Location: Free-Standing Enclosure/ Extra-Wide Barrier
Width: As a barrier, measures over 16 feet wide. When used as a play yard, encloses 18.5 square feet.
Type of Mounting: Free-Standing/ Hardware Mount
Height: 26 inches
Material: Plastic
Color: Light Gray
Versatile: Six-panel enclosure can act as a barrier or a portable play yard
Hardware mount as a barrier to block of display and fireplaces or extra-large spaces.
Adjustable: The self-locking hinges on the gate panels allow you to adjust to your space. Wall mount fits easily above base trim.
Non-Skid Pads: Works on carpet, tile, hardwood floors, etc. without scratching

Proudly made in the USA
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