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Now that your crawler is on the move, it’s time for childproofing with the Toddleroo by North States® Plug Protectors. This value-pack of 36 is made of strong, durable PVC and helps protect your child from electrical hazards. The last thing you want is fingers and other items poked into an unused outlet. Fits all two- and three-pronged outlets for a simple solution to your tot’s curiosity. For quick coverage in just seconds for multiple rooms in your home, the Plug Protectors require no tools to install. Just push into any outlet; that’s it. They are also easy to remove and reusable, so if you have a future move planned, simply take them with you. The soft white color blends with standard outlets and stylishly goes with any home decor.

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  • Fits all 2 and 3 pronged outlets
  • Soft white color blends with standard outlets
  • Strong and durable PVC
  • Set contains 36 plug protectors


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  1. Meghan

    Great quality, great price and the perfect quantity in one pack.

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