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The School House birdfeeder is part of an extensive Village Collection of feeders. This charming school house feeder has red siding and a gray roof. Measuring 10.25 x 9.5 x 13.25 inches high, this feeder has the capacity to hold 5 lbs. of seed. For monitoring seed levels, its windows are framed with clear plastic panes. The roof contains a lift-off bell tower to make filling this feeder a breeze. The large tray/perch is removable for easy clean out. This versatile feeder can either be used as a hanging birdfeeder or pole mounted and offers a three year warranty. Made from durable molded plastic, this feeder will last for years to come and brighten any backyard. Proudly Made in the USA.

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  • Style: Hopper
  • Seed Type: Sunflower/Safflower, Wild Bird
  • Material: Plastic
  • Seed Capacity: Holds 5 lbs. of seed
  • Charming School House birdfeeder is made of durable molded plastic
  • Fills through lift-off bell tower
  • Large seed tray/perch is removable for easy clean out
  • Squirrel-proof cable included for hanging
  • Can be used as a hanging feeder or pole mounted
  • 3-year warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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How do I remove the tray from the bottom of my Village feeder?
The tray on the bottom of the feeder can be removed by placing the feeder on its side and using the heel of your hand to firmly tap on the tray so the tabs on the underside slide through the opening/slots. There is a raised lip on these tabs so it may require multiple strikes to the feeder.  However, an (easier) option for cleaning your feeder is to remove the chimney/cupula at the top of the feeder and insert a garden hose through the opening and washing it out that way.

How can I order replacement parts to my Village feeder?
If you need a replacement part for your Village Collection feeder, there are some replacement parts available that can be ordered directly on the North States website.  Simply enter the model number of the feeder into the search bar found at the top of any page and all replacement parts will be displayed.  Please note, the side walls of the Village Collection feeders come preassembled at the factory and are not available as a replacement part.

We do have a 3-year warranty for manufacturing defects on our Village Collection feeders. A manufacturing defect would be considered a flaw in the material or a missing part upon receipt of your new feeder.  This includes failure of the hanging cable, cracks in the base upon receipt, etc. Loss of a part or damage sustained to the feeder due to weather and/or wildlife is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-848-8421 or  for directions on how to make a warranty claim.


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5 Reviews

  1. Joe Vicars

    I got the brown cabin, liked it so much I just also bought red lighthouse, green barn and white them, red schoolhouse next..cardinals, goldfinches, nuthatches, woodpeckers Orioles finches and so many other little visitors. Passers by love to stop and enjoy the busy village, only feeders i use now, thanks

  2. Mary

    I love the village collection. I have several of them. I wish they would add more pieces. I have not been able to locate the White Cottage Birdfeeder 9080 nor the White Barn. A hotel and a diner would be nice additions. Maybe a cape code house, or a couple other houses. Love the products. Love that they are made in the USA.

  3. Clayton Johnson

    Love it and all the birds love it. Put it on a pole to keep the squirrels from getting all the food.

  4. Bird Lover

    We received this birdhouse as a Christmas gift and just put it up. Love the quality of this feeder. It is easy to fill and a bright pop of color in an otherwise subdued winter landscape. As I write this there are birds feeding on all 4 sides, ignoring the other feeders in the yard. We are so impressed with this feeder that I just ordered the yellow cottage. Thanks for high quality, attractive feeders at an affordable cost.

  5. OLBJ

    I have had this bird feeder for at least 10 years. It has been a great feeder but had to be retired as a harsh Canadian blizzard blew if off its pole and cause the base to crack (totally my fault – I usually take them down in really windy conditions). We have the large church, garden house and red barn also. It is the only feeders I buy! Will be replacing the little school house – thank you so much for these great feeders.

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