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No one likes surprises, especially while holding your baby. The Toddleroo by North States® Light the Way Gate® with a light-sensing LED sensor ensures a quiet life while keeping your baby safe day or night. The gate light will turn on when the room is dark, making it easy for you to see and open the gate. As the room becomes light, the LED sensor will automatically turn the light off.

The gate can adjust between 28.75 – 38.25 inches wide and comes with two extensions included. This adjustable baby gate uses the tension knobs to secure it in place between walls. You can also hardware mount the gate for use at the top of stairs with hardware-secured mounting cups.

The low threshold design of this gate is 50% lower than traditional metal pressure gates, making use safer for all. A control knob allows you to decide between only allowing the gate to swing in one direction (for top of stairs) or allowing the gate to swing in both directions (best between rooms/doorways).

The LED spring-loaded baby gate will simply latch behind you for simple hands-free use. If you want the door to remain open, swing the door past 90 degrees to get the hold-open feature to kick in.

Every Toddleroo by North States baby gate is JPMA and ASTM certified.

Need to make the gate wider? The Light the Way Gate has additional extensions (sold separately) that will expand the gate up to 67.5 inches wide. If you have a wider hallway/doorway opening, take advantage of our 6-inch extension and 12-inch extension options.

Available at the following retailers:

  • Location: Between Rooms/Hallways, Top of Stairs, Various
  • Width: Adjusts to fit 28.5″ – 38.25″ wide
  • Mounting: Hardware Mount, Pressure Mount
  • Height: 29.3″
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Matte Bronze
  • Easy to use – extend tension knobs until gate fits tightly
  • Use on stairs with hardware-secured mounting cups
  • Easy-Grip handle with one-hand operation
  • Swing gate in one or both directions with swing-stop feature
  • Hard-to-climb barrier
  • Steel construction in a matte bronze finish will complement any home decor
  • Two extensions are included
  • JPMA and ASTM certified


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2 Reviews

  1. cortneygalster

    I received this gate as a gift and ADORE it. The nightlight is one of the smartest gate features I’ve seen! I love the easy locking mechanism on the handle. We have this gate installed at our 2 year old’s door, and it really helps with bedtime, because he can’t just push it open to run out. It’s also really nicely designed from a visual perspective, and doesn’t look like an eyesore in the middle of our hallway.

  2. markl

    We bought this gate a month ago and it has been fantastic. I was glad that it was simple to install and the instructions were very clear. We placed the gate at the top of our staircase and can now leave our 11 month old zoom around with peace of mind. The light is quite handy and acts as a guide in the evening so we can maneuver around without having to turn on the lights on the staircase or the hallway. We also appreciate how sturdy and solid the gate is as our 11 month old is a good 27 pounds and climbs up on the gate several times a day.

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