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Our most frequently asked Bird questions:

What types of birdfeeders are available?

There are many types of feeders: tube feeders, screened feeders, hoppers and suet feeders.

Tube Feeders

  Fun Feeder with Mixed Seed  2-In-1 Hinged-Port Birdfeeder
A “tube feeder” is a hollow cylinder made of plastic with multiple feeding ports and perches. The size of the ports will determine what type of seed to use. Tiny ports would be appropriate for thistle seed while large ports would be better for wild bird or sunflower seed. These feeders generally attract smaller birds such as chickadees, wrens, sparrows and finches.

Screened Feeders

Super Birdfeeding Station

A “screened feeder” is a cylinder made of wire mesh screen. It’s typically used to hold peanut and sunflower seed. These feeders will attract woodpeckers, blue jays, chickadees and cardinals.

Suet Feeders

Heavy-Duty Suet Birdfeeder  Suet Birdfeeder

A “suet feeder” is a wire cage that holds a suet cake. These feeders attract woodpeckers, bluebirds, starlings and many more, and can be hung on a hook or tree branch.


Outhouse Birdfeeder  White Cottage Birdfeeder School House Birdfeeder

A “hopper feeder” is larger in size and comes in many different designs and shapes. Hoppers can hold a large amount of seed and attract both large and small birds such as blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers and grosbeaks as well as the same smaller species as the tube feeders. These can be pole-mounted or hung from a hook or tree branch, and are easily filled through a lift-off roof or opening in the roof.

How do I discourage squirrels from eating at my birdfeeder?     

Your birdfeeder should always be at least 4 to 5 feet above the ground, either hanging or pole mounted. The best way to discourage squirrels is to use a baffle – hang it below the feeder when it is pole-mounted or above the feeder when it is hanging from a tree. Adding cayenne pepper to the birdseed also helps discourage squirrels, as they do not like the taste – and it does not affect the birds. In addition, planting marigolds near your feeders discourages squirrels as well as cats, as they dislike the scent of these pungent flowers.

                 1753/1757 Squirrel Baffle Top       1753/1757 Squirrel Baffle Bottom 


How do I clean my SuperFeeder?

To clean this feeder, or any tube feeder, we suggest you use your garden hose and spray inside the tube to get most of the old seeds out. Then, use a bleach/water solution (1/4 cup bleach to two gallons water) and scrub with a long brush to get the feeder clean. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely before refilling the tube.



How do I fill my hummingbird feeder?     

All of our hummingbird feeders are filled by simply turning the feeder over and twisting off the base.  Use a funnel or container with a pour spout to fill the reservoir with nectar (be sure to fill completely to the top to prevent leaking) and replace the base.  Turn the feeder right side up and attach to a window with the locking suction cup.


How do I keep my hummingbird feeder from leaking?    Pink Petunia 18 oz. Hummingbird Feeder 

It is recommended to fill our hummingbird feeders to the maximum capacity so that there is not an air pocket in with the nectar, which could cause the feeder to leak.  Additionally, an ideal spot for any hummingbird feeder is to be placed out of direct sunlight to prevent expansion from the heat of the sun that can cause your feeder to leak.


How do I remove the label from my feeder?     

To help remove the sticky label from your feeder, we recommend to soak the feeder in warm water and a mild dish soap for several minutes, then scrape off.  Alternatively, you can use a mild adhesive remover such as Goo Gone, but be sure to wash it in soap and water before use with your favorite nectar or seed.


How do birds get large nuts out of the basket feeder?     

When you fill the basket feeder cage with nuts, the birds aren’t meant to take the whole nut out, but instead ‘peck’ at it so that pieces come out. Since there are many peanut style mixes they work really well with all nut mixes and or fruit/nut mixes.

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