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Now that you have your safety gate or play yard, here you’ll find instructions for seamless baby gate assembly. We’ve gathered all of our product demonstration videos here for you, so that they’re in one convenient place.

Please note: Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings that are applicable for your specific model gate/yard prior to assembly, install or use.

For additional help, please contact our Customer Service team.

Play Yards:

Superyard® Classic Models 8666, 8669:


Superyard® Indoor-Outdoor Sand Models 8775, 8777:


Superyard® Indoor-Outdoor Sand Instructional Video Models 8775, 8777:


Superyard® Colorplay Models 8766, 8768, 8769:


Superyard Colorplay Ultimate® Models 8750, 8751:


Superyard Ultimate® Instructional Video Models 8770, 8779:


3-In-1 Superyard® 6-Panel – Models 4930, 4936, 4940:
3-In-1 Extra-Wide Wood Gated Superyard® – Model 4946:


Play Mats:

Superyard® Folding Play Mats Models 8910, 8913, 8914, 8915:


Arched Auto-Close Gate with Easy-Step Models 4913, 4926:
Deluxe Décor Gate® Models 4934, 4954S:
Easy-Close Gate Models 4910S, 4911S, 4912S:
Easy Swing & Lock Gate / Tall Easy Swing & Lock Gate Models 4950, 4972:
Light the Way Gate® Model 4957:
Quick-Fit® Oval Mesh Gate Models 4660, 4662:
Supergate® Classic Models 8615, 8619, 8726, 8727:
Supergate® Ergo (Sand, Ivory and Espresso) Models 8620/8629, 8715/8719, 8718:
Supergate® Select Model 8713:
Wide Portico Arch Gate / Tall & Wide Portico Arch Gate Models 4977, 4978:
Bright Choice Auto-Close Gate Model and Tall Bright Choice Auto-Close Gate Models 5335, 5337:
Riverstone Extra Tall & Wide Gate Model 5323:


Door Knob Covers Model 6148:
Corner Drawer Locks Model 6184:
Rotating Cabinet Latches Model 6178:
Plug Protectors Model 6142:
Rotating Door Stopper Model 6146:
Premium Pinch Protector Model 6144:
Sliding Door and Window Lock Model 6152: