Super Birdfeeding Station


This all-in-one birdfeeding station includes everything you need in one box: 1-7 ft. pole with hooks, 3 feeders and 2 trays. The 7 ft. wrought-iron pole connects together with a simple twist. The bottom of the pole has a forked base prong for extra stability. Just step down to firmly plant in the ground. There are multiple hooks included to hang a variety of feeders. Use some or all, take your pick. Comes complete with 3 tube-like feeders: one for mixed seed, a mesh feeder for peanuts and a wire feeder for suet. There is also a tray feeder for holding insects and a water tray. Put this birdfeeding station in your backyard and watch the multiple species of birds flock to it!

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Style: Screened, Suet, Tube
Seed Type: Peanut, Suet Cake, Sunflower/Safflower, Wild Bird
Material: Metal, Plastic

Seed Capacity: Each feeder holds 1 lb. of seed
Versatile, top-of-the-line birdfeeder designed to attract a variety of birds
Comes with 5-section 7 ft. pole and hooks
Includes three different types of feeders: Tube feeder for mixed seed, mesh feeder for peanuts, wire tube feeder for suet. Also includes a wire feeding tray for insects and plastic tray for water.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Happy Day !!! They just called me back and I couldn’t be happier 😁. The ladies are SO sweet and nice and helpful at NorthStates Ind. and are going to send me the missing parts !!! YEAY! Wonderful customer service ❤️ If you call them with a question, give them a call. If you have to leave a message, don’t worry. It won’t take long to get a call back. I can say the quality of this stand is top and would recommend it highly !

  2. 5 out of 5

    We bought this about a week ago and there was a small packaging error. I wrote a review and was immediately contacted by someone. They were very nice and replaced the part that was missing within days. I have been so happy watching the birds enjoy their treats. They really love the peanuts. Anyway I’ve been so happy with this purchase that I am going to buy another as a gift for a friend.
    Shelley Johnson

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