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The Fun Feeder with Seed adds a pop of color to the outdoors. This feeder is made of clear, weather-resistant P.V.C. and has a yellow vinyl cap on the top and bottom. Measuring 14 inches high, this feeder comes complete with 9 oz of thistle seed. Before hanging, simply push in the attached perch. When it’s time to fill, remove the vinyl yellow cap and foam plug. Attracts many birds including goldfinches, house and purple finches and more.

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  • Style: Tube
  • Seed Type: Thistle
  • Material: Plastic
  • Feeder comes complete with 9 oz. of thistle seed
  • Push in perch and hang it up
  • Clear, weather-resistant P.V.C. tube


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  1. prhansen

    For some reason the label is attached to the clear cylindrical tube with some the the consumers most dreaded adhesive. Impossible to clean off without some solvent. (Contact 3M)

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