Toddleroo by North States Deluxe Easy-Close Gate


Your precious tot needs a safe space to play, and the Toddleroo by North States® Deluxe Easy-Close Gate is a breeze to handle. It shuts firmly yet easily with one simple push, keeping your child near the toys and fun but away from harm. The exclusive bronze finish on this gate is designed for exceptional richness, durability and depth of color, while its solidly constructed from the highest-quality materials to withstand rigorous day in, day out use. Gate swings open both ways for added convenience and offers a triple locking system for peace of mind. To keep the gate open for multiple pass through, simply use the hold-open feature to prevent the gate from closing. It’s handy for all those times you have to pass through with a baby on the hip. The gate pressure mounts easily by using tension knobs to secure the gate in place. Ideal for a variety of room openings or at the bottom of stairs measuring 28 to 38.5 inches wide with two extensions included and is 29 inches high. Every Toddleroo by North States baby gate is JPMA and ASTM certified.

Available at the following retailers:

  • Location: Between Rooms/Hallways, Various
  • Width: Adjusts to fit 28″ – 38.5″ wide
  • Mounting: Pressure Mount
  • Height: 29″
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Bronze
  • Easy to use – extend tension knobs until gate fits tightly
  • Triple-locking system with easy one-hand operation
  • Self-closing gate with hold-open feature; swings both ways
  • Hard-to-climb barrier
  • Steel construction in a bronze finish will complement any home décor
  • Two extensions are included
  • JPMA and ASTM certified

– 4911

My pressure-mounted metal gate came out of the package looking bent and has a gap where the latch should be. What do I do?
When you unpack this gate, you will notice that it is not square. This is normal and the gate is not damaged. It is manufactured at a pre-set angle so that when it is installed properly in an opening, it will maintain the correct amount of tension. This tension prevents the gate from being dislodged from the opening under normal use. Please read and follow the instruction manual carefully.

Can I get more extension pins/connectors for my metal gate?
The metal extension pins will be included in the prepackaged hardware package.  Replacement hardware packages can be ordered directly on our website by entering the 4-digit model number into the search engine at the top of any page of the North States website. All available replacement parts will be displayed.

The plastic extension connectors can be ordered directly on our website by entering the 4-digit model number into the search engine at the top of any page of the North States website. All available replacement parts will be displayed.

What is the Triple Locking System?
When installed properly, there are three steps required to open the gate from the locked position.

1. Rotate the plastic locking handle (the release button/tab will be on the underside of the handle, facing the ground, when it is unlocked).
2. Retract the release button/tab on the underside.
3. Lift on the door and open.

Retracting the release button in step 2 is what causes the door to clear the spring-loaded tab opposite of the latch. The release button is only used when opening the door of the gate.   (When the latch is in the locked position, the release button will be facing out from the gate.)

If you are retracting the release button and the door will not open when lifted, you have the gate installed too tightly and you will need to loosen the tension knobs.

If you can lift on the door and it opens without having to retract the release button, you have it installed improperly and it will need to be tightened more at the tension knobs.

Do I need to use the mounting cups that are included in the hardware package? 
The mounting cups should be used to ensure the safety and security of the gate.

Can I use my Easy-Close Gate at the top of my stairs?
No, we do not recommend the use of this gate at the top of the stairs. This gate has a threshold to step over and also will swing out over the stairs, making it a safety concern.

What is the width of the Easy-Close Gate door?
The width of the gate door is 17 inches.

What is the space between the bars of my gate?
The space between the bars of your Easy-Close Gate is 2 ¼ inches.

Can I add more extensions to my Easy-Close Gate?
Only Model 4910 has two extensions available (sold separately) – a 7 inch and 10 1/2 inch – that can extend the gate up to 52 inches wide. These can be found by typing the gate model number into the search bar at the top of any page of the North States website.  The extensions, along with replacement parts, will be displayed.


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