For Baby – 3 Simple Outdoor Safety Tips for Summer Adventures With Your Toddler

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Summer is the season of barbeques, loud family reunions, and splashing in the pool. It may feel slightly overwhelming when you begin to think about keeping your little one safe while they explore the outdoors, especially with every weekend packed full of summer activities and plans.

Whether you’re going to the park or on a drive up to the cabin, follow these 3 simple outdoor safety tips for summer to keep the fun times rolling and your toddler smiling.

Headed for a week at the cabin? To make the drive comfortable for you and your toddler or baby, check out these tips for the road ahead!


There are so many benefits to outdoor play in the early years. Not only will you have great pictures to share with your toddler when they grow, but they’ll learn a lot in the meantime.

Your outdoor destination will play a huge role in preparing for your toddler’s safety while they hop, skip, or crawl through your hectic summer schedule. Knowing the potential dangers beforehand will help you provide the best summer for your young one.

Wherever your day takes you there are a few specific tips to ensure your child’s safety and your sanity:

The Park

  • Residential park/playground: Navigate the playground area for dangerous slides, other children roughhousing, and hazards like swings and seesaws that your toddler might stumble into. Always keep an eye out for other toddlers — spontaneous play dates are often the highlight of a day at the park!
  • Nature park: Nature reserve parks generally mean more bugs and plants, less supervision (lifeguard, medical help), and possibly hidden water accesses or steep hills. Opt for an area you’re more familiar with and stay close to your toddler as they explore, guiding their curiosity with a watchful eye.

The Back Yard

  • BBQs: Let your toddler join in on the fun, but have an adult in control of the grill at all times. Keep games and activities in open, clear spaces so you don’t have to worry about an accidental bump or bruise.
  • Pets: Whether your child is used to animals or not it doesn’t hurt to be there for their exciting introduction to the pet(s) at the BBQ, especially if you are unsure of how used to small children the pets are.

Water (The Most Important One!)

  • Be their water buddy: Go into the water with your little one and be part of the experience so you can stay in control.
  • Floaties & life jackets: Always a must on a boat, but a great added precaution and extra peace of mind in any water situation.
  • Constant supervision: If you’re not feeling a swim, stay alert with constant supervision. Sit on the side and dip your feet in or sit close by for easy aid if needed.
    Key Tip: Create boundaries. At hectic family reunions, birthday parties, and BBQs constant supervision is not always easy. Sometimes you just need a minute, but often a minute could make a huge difference. Let your little one safely enjoy the outdoors in a baby play yard. Entertain or finish up a meal with periodic check-ins on your baby as they explore in a safe area. Browse our selection of outdoor play yards!


No matter where your destination lies, there are certain outdoor concerns that you can’t avoid, so it’s best to always be prepared.

Check out important packing essentials for:

Overheating & Sunburn

Sun protection hats for babies are cute and a must for thin-haired and/or fair-skinned young ones. Other important packing essentials that help to prevent overheating include baby-safe sunscreen, sunglasses, and water to keep baby hydrated while playing!

Stings & Bites

Packing extra bug spray is never a mistake. Apply spray-on repellent before dressing your child and consider lightweight long-sleeve shirts, especially if you are headed for the cabin!


Avoid a tearful toddler — prevent or cool rashes by giving them soapless bathes after a long day out in the humid weather. If you’re headed out, pack cornstarch powder to avoid diaper chafe for the baby or toddler that’s an avid roamer.

For more information about preparing for the weather and environment, including recognizing symptoms of a baby overheating, check out this informative article from


Every parent knows their child better than anyone, so you know what to expect even when the unexpected rolls around. A missed nap or forgotten toy could far too easily ruin a blue skied summer day. No matter the activity, trust yourself — you’re the expert, so bring what you know you’ll need.

In the rush to get out the door for a weekend away don’t let your mind slip when it comes to:

  • Packing the right snacks, juices, cups, and meals that keep your toddler full and energetic.
  • Bringing their favorite toy or other emergency measures for temper tantrums.
  • Choosing the right activity for the time — keep their normal schedule in mind and follow it if you can.

Have a toddler or baby with a mind of her own? Check out our tips for wrangling a curious baby whether you’re indoors or out!

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