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to ensure ultimate performance

Now that you have your safety gate or play yard, you will need to follow the instructions for assembly/installation.

Please note: Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings applicable for your specific model gate/yard prior to assembly, install or use.

For additional help, please contact our Customer Service team.

Product Demos – Yards:

Petyard – Models 8668, 8669:
Petyard Passage® 6-Panel – Model 8657:
Petyard Passage® 8-Panel – Model 8799:

Product Demos – Gates:

Easy-Close Petgate – Models 4991, 4991S:
Paws Portable Petgate® – Models 8870, 8871:
Petgate – Models 8619, 8625:
Petgate Passage® – Models 5264, 5264S, 5274, 5274S, 5285:
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Paws Portable Petgate®

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